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home :: abduction update :: archive :: August 11, 2002

Abduction Update

U.S. Department of State Aids Abductors

On February 27, 2001, the "Child Citizenship Act of 2000" went into effect. The U.S. Department of State issued a press release stating that the new law "greatly streamlines the process by which foreign-born children of U.S. citizen parents can become U.S. citizens."

In essence the law makes it that much easier for white U.S. citizens to transracistly abduct and assimilate "foreign" kids. Those of you who went through the whole courthouse scene know that abductors used to have to take their abducted kids through the naturalization process. As the Department of State (melodramatically) puts it, "Parents of these [abducted] children were compelled, after having already completed the rigorous immigrant visa process, to apply to the Immigration and Naturalization Service for a Certificate of Citizenship. This process could take months, if not years."

With the passage of this new law "thousands" of abductees "will automatially [sic] become U.S. citizens every year as they enter the United States with their U.S. [abductive] parents." Personally, I find this depressing, especially because it proves how much power white abductors have to shape policy. How often does the U.S. government make it easier for people to become citizens?

Finally, the folks at the Department of State want you to know that they're "pleased to be playing a positive role in the lives of so many children and their parents," and they welcome all new abducted citizens "into their larger American family."

(All quotes are from the press release, which you can read at

Posted by So Yung on August 11, 2002

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